Load image into Gallery viewer, Stimpod NMS460 + PainBuster PRO 25W  6 Mode Laser Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Stimpod NMS460 + PainBuster PRO 25W  6 Mode Laser Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Stimpod NMS460 + PainBuster PRO 25W  6 Mode Laser Kit

Stimpod NMS460 + PainBuster PRO 25W 6 Mode Laser Kit

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Stimpod NMS460 + PainBuster PRO 25W 6-Mode Laser Kit including the PainBuster Laser Acupuncture & Trigger Point Probes (Set of 2).

PainBuster PRO 25W 6-Mode Laser

Unlike other devices on the market, PainBuster® PRO uses the most advanced, special high-end German super pulsed laser diodes modulated with a sophisticated micro-computer control board to deliver the precise preset layered sweep frequency (Hz) pulsing modes + layered multi-step pulsed modes exclusive to the PainBuster® PRO 6-Mode. A very powerful & quick–ISRAELI made Super Pulsed Laser for easy & effective clinical or at-home use in only minutes! It delivers 25,000mW of non-resistant peak pulsed penetrating power from the researched backed 905nm German Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) laser diodes & the synergistic effects from the medical grade super luminescent GERMAN 875nm and 635nm diodes. It is conveniently wireless and handsfree. See why 500,000+ professionals & others around the world put their trust in this amazing medical super pulsed laser technology. Try it today - Risk Free for 6 months – 3-year warranty with an optional 5-year extended warranty!
  • German 905nm GaAs Laser
  • German Super Luminescent 875nm / 635nm Diodes
  • Triple Wavelengths 905/875/635nm
  • 25,000mW Total Peak Power Output
  • 6 Versatile & Effective Modes
  • Layered Super Pulsing Sweep (Hz) Modes
  • Layered Super Pulsing Multi-Step (Hz) Modes
  • Alternating Principle Pulsing Modes (L<>H H<>L Hz)
  • 10-second, 30-second, 1-minute, 5-minute Treatment Increment Indicators for a Quick & Easy Treatment Flow


Stimpod NMS460 

Stimpod NMS460 is a FDA 510K cleared medical device and is the latest generation transcutaneous pulsed radiofrequency therapy system, MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA, for the treatment of chronic pain intractable pain, post-surgical pain, post-traumatic, acute pain problems backed by clinical trials.

The Stimpod’s patented hybrid pulsed radio frequency square waveform is delivered transcutaneously and affects the cellular metabolic activity of a neuropathic nerve.

The induced electromagnetic field propagates as short bursts and travels along the axons to the spinal dorsal horn, restoring intra-neural communication pathways and natural nerve functionality.

Nerve locating technology allows you to find the affected nerve through the skin. Accurate placement of the treatment probe is confirmed by muscle twitches for motor nerves and patient feedback for sensory nerves.

  • Long-term relief from chronic pain
  • Restores optimal nerve functionality
  • Fast onset of action
  • No side-effects
  • Training for clinicians 
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Supported by multiple clinical trials

The Stimpod NMS460 indications of use:

  • The symptomatic relief and management
    of chronic intractable pain
  • An adjunctive treatment in the management of post-surgical pain
  • An adjunctive treatment for post-traumatic,
    acute pain problems
  • An adjunctive treatment for pain
    control due to rehabilitation