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How does PainBuster® work?

How does laser light therapy work?

Low Level Laser or Light Therapy or Light therapy (aka LLLT or photobiomodulation) applies light photons (energy particles) to the surface of the body. Each wavelength of light provides different penetration into the tissue promoting therapeutic benefit.

Is there any research on laser light therapy?

Yes. Over the last 50+ years, there have been 1,000’s of research articles published on Low Level Laser Therapy or Light therapy (aka LLLT or photobiomodulation). A simple google search or research database search will yield a lifetime of reading on this subject.

Aren’t lasers extremely dangerous?

Correctly calibrated lasers that have gone through rigorous initial and annual safety testing, such as the PainBuster®, are tested to IEC 60601-1-11 for home use. Always, read and follow the user manual and instructions of use. Unfortunately, there are lasers on the market that do not go through this type of rigorous testing and may be dangerous.

Built for performance, durability & comfort

Why choose PainBuster® ?

How does the PainBuster® stand out from competitors?

The PainBuster® is a world-class handheld laser that offers a timeless, unrivaled-ultralight design and extreme-effortless versatility that is felt in only minutes. Head to toe, we have you covered with this power-packed, targeted, and transformative peak-performance technology. Target your painful areas with professional laser light therapy whether at-home, at the gym, after the gym, or on-the-go . Unlike other devices on the market, the PainBuster® uses the most advanced, special high-end German 905nm Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) laser diodes and luminescent 635nm - 875nm diodes with optimized optics, engineered to distribute light photons of each wavelength efficiently and precisely into the target area. With 3 versatile & effective power modes – PainBuster® is as easy as 1-2-3. It is conveniently wireless and handsfree. Join thousands of at-home PainBuster® users who have experienced reliable success, an enhanced wellness routine & a better quality of life in a natural-sustainable way! Try PainBuster® Today - Risk Free for 90 days – 3 Year Warranty!

Can I really try the PainBuster® risk-free for 90 days?

Yes! We offer the best in industry 90-day trial period – money back guarantee.* We believe in the PainBuster® laser technology so much that we would like to give you the opportunity to see if you like the PainBuster® too! When you do - you can ensure your investment is safe, as we include a standard 3 Year Warranty with a 5 Year Warranty option also available.

If I need help, can I speak with a real-live person?

Our customer service team truly cares about you, and we all use and believe in the PainBuster®! We are committed to helping you get your device quickly and we are available for you, whether you need start-up guidance or on-going support.

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Trusted by customers to relieve pain associated to the back, neck, shoulders, knees, and toes with the ultra-reliable, ultralight, ultra- versatile, fast-acting PainBuster® laser technology.

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Are you skeptical about trying something new? So was Amber! Listen to how her opinion quickly changed after her first session using the PainBuster.



See how this new Grandma feels about her experience with the PainBuster.

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It is made in Israel and has a trusty warranty and has a payment plan options available to make it even more affordable. You can't beat the quality for the price!

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I like to work out, and while working out I got an injury in my shoulder. When I use the PainBuster, I really feel great! I will keep using PainBuster. I give an A+ to PainBuster

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  • No Harsh Chemicals

  • 100% Drug-Free

  • Clean Ingredients

  • Vegan

  • Third Party Tested

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