Do I need a prescription for this device?

No. This is an over the counter medical laser device for pain relief and can be purchased without a prescription.


What are the advantages over the PainBuster super pulsed laser over a constant wave Laser or LED (light emitting diode) only device?

Super pulsed lasers have the clear advantage on tissue penetration depths and non-resistant (non-plateauing) treatments. Sophisticated software programming is involved super pulsing a light energy device, which also incurs more high-end hardware costs. Cheaper made non-pulsed (constant wave) laser or LED only devices are mostly made in China using low quality diodes and electrical components that many times are unsafe, unreliable and ineffective.


Is the PainBuster device made in China?

No. The PainBuster device is manufactured in a FDA registered and compliant facility in Israel using ultra-high quality and long lasting German laser & light emitting diodes overseen by a sophisticated team of scientists and biomedical engineers.


What are the most common uses for the PainBuster?

The most common indications for the PainBuster are pain relief for musculoskeletal conditions, whether acute injuries or chronic joint or muscle problems or even arthritic conditions.


Can the PainBuster device be used on trigger points, acupressure points or acupuncture points?

Yes. Many of our customers and colleagues use the PainBuster device on these points successfully.


What is the depth of penetration of the PainBuster?

The depth of penetration varies due to biological conditions and tissue type but on the C.D.3. setting, it is possible to penetrate up to 13cm.


How many PainBuster treatments are usually needed to get results?

Most times, relief can be seen after your first 20-minute treatment. Full treatment results are cumulative, and the greatest results and lasting relief will be seen with consistent use. Recommended treatment cycles for most conditions are 3 weeks in duration.


How long will the PainBuster last?

The laser diode and LEDs in the PainBuster device are rated for 50,000 hours of use. There are only 8,760 hours in a year to give you a perspective.


Is the PainBuster registered with the FDA?

The PainBuster device is an over the counter medical device registered with the FDA and is manufactured according to all compliance and laser safety guidelines.


How do I use my FSA or HSA account to purchase the PainBuster device?

Use your FSA or HSA as your payment source when checking out just like you would with a credit/debit card.